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BNG is proud to carry the PureFresh line of professional cleaning chemical products. The effectiveness of PureFresh cleaners are very comparable to major national brands but are offered as a lower cost alternative helping companies lower their cleaning supply costs without sacrificing quality.

Browse our complete line of PureFresh Janitorial and Sanitation products and contact us for help finding the right product for your company’s needs.

PureFresh Carpet Cleaning Products


Concentrated Glass Cleaner

PureFresh Glass Cleaner Concentrate is formulated with versatile cleaning agents. Cleans, degreases and makes windows and mirrors shine. Use for daily maintenance of plastics, stainless steel and chrome. The quality of its components makes PureFresh glass cleaner Concentrate work quickly. Evaporates quickly and leaves no trace.


Neutral Floor Cleaner

PureFresh Neutral Floor Cleaner is a concentrated cleaner designed for general cleaning. This product will not harm waxed floors or other more sensitive surfaces.


Purple Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser

PureFresh Purple Heavy Duty Cleaner / Degreaser removes most common soils, especially effective on stubborn soils such as grease, dirt and oil deposits – carbon, old floor wax build up. Light duty applications: general floor maintenance, painted walls, glass fixtures and windows;  Medium duty applications: light grease on stoves and ventilating hoods in kitchens; Heavy Duty applications: heavy grease and oil deposits on concrete floors, industrial equipment, trucks and trailers, machinery and greasy walls.


Floor Stripper

PureFresh Floor Stripper wax remover is a free flowing liquid specially formulated to remove modern day floor finishes and waxes without costly equipment and labour.


Pink Hand Soap

PureFresh Pink Hand Soap produces a rich, copious lather leaving the skin smooth and clean. It can be used in any liquid soap dispenser in applications such as hospitals, institutions, schools, offices, food plants and industry.


Ultra High Speed Floor Finish

PureFresh Ultra High Speed Floor Finish is a highly durable, metal cross linked polymer floor finish recommended for high traffic areas, and high speed burnishing. Finish dries to natural glossy sheen with abrasion resistant properties, leaving no traces of dust or powder.


Multi-Purpose Cleaner

PureFresh Multi-Purpose Cleaner is a concentrated low foaming cleaner formulated to provide a broad range of cleaning and maintenance applications. This product can be used in hot or cold water and has the ability to remove grease, oil, dirt, and many other types of heavy soiling.


Perfect Lemon Deodorizer

PureFresh Perfect Lemon Deodorizer air freshener quickly and easily removes unpleasant odours, leaving behind a clean fresh fragrance. It is an exceptionally effective room deodorant. Great for use in schools, restaurants, vehicles, hospitals, daycare centres, animal areas, home and office.